Yates – Sandoval Registry

     Justin and Sarah met on a dating app called Hinge. (he messaged Sarah first). The app was suppose to connect people through a mutual friend on some form of social media, but of course they didn't have a mutual friend so their first time meeting was a true blind date. They met at ITap in Soulard and ate Epic pizza for dinner. The rest is history!

     Anyone who knows Sarah knows she is a huge Christmas freak, so her Christmas tree goes up the beginning of November while her pumpkins stay up through Thanksgiving! On Monday night, November 12th Sarah came home from work to soup cooking in the crock pot and beautiful roses at her seat, 6 red and 1 beautiful yellow. She was oblivious the entire time and had to leave to do a home health nursing job after dinner that she had forgotten about. Justin acted really weird when she told him she had to leave, but she still had no idea what was going on. Sarah brought back a blizzard from Dairy Queen to share and it seemed a normal night like any other until Justin told her to go look in the Christmas tree. As she got closer she noticed a yellow flower petal on a tree branch and then a box tucked into the tree. When Sarah pulled the box out and turned around to talk to Justin, he was right behind her down on one knee! He said the most wonderful things and of course she said yes! They are looking forward to their wedding later in the year and to spending the rest of their lives together!

Wedding is set of August 2019.