Thies – Seibold Registry

     Zach and Kelley’s story began in May 2010, when a shy, but persistent young man would constantly message Kelley. After months of Zach messaging Kelley she finally caved and went on a date with him, which both of them said was the worst date ever. Ha! Still, somehow after that they started to talk all the time ended up being best friends. In October at their junior homecoming during a slow song Zach asked Kelley to be his girlfriend. After that it just seemed to fall into place, Zach and Kelley did everything together. Before they knew it high school was over and both graduated college and they were looking at houses together. When they found the house of their dreams they got a puppy named Theodore and Zach was eager to have a house warming party, little did Kelley know that day would change their lives forever. All of their family and friends where gathered in the backyard at their new home when Theodore dressed, in a tux came running out of the back door with Zach following behind him. Before Kelley knew it Zach was on one knee asking her to be his wife and of course Kelley said yes! They cannot wait to spend the rest of their life together with their wonderful family and friends around them!

Wedding to be held September 22, 2018