Schuster – Amann Registry

Alex and Kate first met autumn of 2013 at Eastern Illinois University through Alex's sister and Kate's best friend, Clare. Their relationship began in February of 2016, while Kate was in town visiting Clare for Mardi Gras. When Kate and Alex finished school, they moved to St. Louis. 
On December 23, 2017 Alex asked Kate to accompany him to a work Christmas Party. Before the party, they went out for dinner. Kate noticed Alex seemed more nervous than usual, but assumed it had to do with the work party. After dinner, Alex suggested we swing by the apartment between dinner and the party for a quick drink. When they stepped into the apartment, it had been transformed from their 1 bedroom apartment to a Winter Wonderland. Alex asked Kate to marry him in the living room under mistletoe, while Clare and Kate's sister Ellie took pictures and video. Then, Alex and Kate's family and friends surprised them for an engagement party that night. 

Wedding to be held August 2018.

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