Renner – Sykora Registry

     Mike and Sarah’s first date was April 29, 2017. They were supposed to have dinner at Reifschneider’s in Columbia, but a function was being held there that evening. Per usual, Sarah was running late. So Mike called Sarah, and they decided on Tequilas instead. After that, it was a little over a year of Cardinal games, Blues games, bingo, golf, etc. dates before Mike proposed.
     The proposal took place on June 26, 2018. Mike and Sarah were in Hilton Head, South Carolina with Sarah’s family for vacation. Unknowing to anyone, Mike tried to propose to Sarah the night before but rain and some other misfortunes ruined his plans. The following night, everyone went to The Boathouse for dinner. Again Mike tried to propose but was not successful until after dinner. While taking a family photo on The Boathouse’s dock, Mike proposed to Sarah.

Wedding to be held June 2019

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Renner - Sykora Registry

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