Savannah's Southern Charm allows engaged couples to register for gifts.  We offer many lines that have gifts for every occasion.  Offering the local and surrounding areas the ability to shop locally for a gift is a huge deal. We want it to be as easy as picking up the phone to call your momma!

Brides and Grooms can come in and register for not only dishes, flatware, and serving platters but also decor for their future home. We pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality products at a great price!

We offer monogramming and engraving as well. Those two items can make a gift so much more personal.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from our registry, please have them call Savannah at the store!

We have made gift giving so easy! If you want to call in and purchase a gift for a registry you can! We will deliver gifts to the registered couple.

Learn more about our Wedding Rental Items.

Here is a list of our current Registered Couples.   

Yates - Sandoval August 2019 

Avila - Giglotto September 2019

Pratt - Wicklein Registry

Sutter - Suess October 2019

Coming Soon:



Past Registries. Please contact store for more info.

Steppig - Cooke May 2018

Dodd - Sexauer May 2018

Brinkmann - Bradley June 2018

Juelfs - Schwartz July 2018

Schuster - Amann August 2018

Gagen - Frank September 2018

Thies - Seibold September 2018

Wetzler - Schmidt September 2018

Hank - Lowe October 2018

Krausz - Pellmann November 2018

Kruse - Boman December 2018

Brinkmann - Polacek April 2019

Mollet - Harter May 2019

Amann - Foster June 2019

Renner - Sykora June 2019

Pohle - Datema June 2019