Juelfs – Schwartz Registry

     These two have such an amazing story!
     Kayla and Tommy have been together for almost seven years and are high school sweethearts. They met back when she was a Sophomore and Tommy was a Senior. They met through their best friends.  After meeting,  they soon found out they had a lot in common. Kayla's parents actually ended up knowing Tommy's parents for years, they had even gotten Christmas cards from them. HaHa! Their first Big Date was Prom who had been set up through their friends! They kept talking everyday, all day after that. He would come and pick her up for school and then take her home again, and was so sweet!

     They started dating in June and not even 6 months after that they were talking about their futures. They talked about their dreams and what they wanted in life and things couldn’t have matched more perfect for them! In December of 2015 they took a weekend getaway to Tennessee, they both love the mountains and nature. They ended up traveling over to North Carolina to go skiing for a couple of hours in the mountains. The skiing part was eh not the best because they were making snow and they couldn’t see anything!  They decided to head back down the mountains and start the drive back to Tennessee after a few hours After stopping the car for pictures Kayla started to walk back to the car. As she was walking back she heard Tommy say “hey baby girl” and she turned around and there he was on one knee asking her to marry him! She was in shock and didn’t know what to say. She remembers saying "Are you serious?", "Is this real?", and just constantly smiling and laughing. Her first answer was "sure" but he said that wasn’t a definite answer so then she said yes!
     The next day we had 2 family Christmas’s so that was a way for them to share our exciting news.

From Kayla herself:
"I have truly been blessed to have found the man of my dreams and I feel like I’m living in a fairy tale. We love this crazy, amazing life God has given us and we couldn’t imagine going through it with anyone else except each other. We are so excited for July 7 to come and are even more excited for our many adventures and surprises to come in the future! Thanks for reading our story and for helping us to celebrate our day!❤"

There Big Day is planned for July 7, 2018

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