Gagen – Frank Registry


     Jacob and Alyssa were introduced by friends on the last day of our summer break in 2014.  Alyssa's best friend had told her about Jacob, but being that she was going back to Ole Miss for her junior year of college in 2 days, she did not expect anything to happen.  It was the tractor pull night of the Freeburg Homecoming and she had no idea what she was getting in to!  She called her friend Paige to meet her in the parking lot so that she did not have to walk up alone, and she is so glad she did. Walking up to the friend group she noticed Jacob right away. Alyssa also noticed him turning to their mutual friend Joel saying, "Damn, who is that?" They made eye contact and it truly was love at first sight! For the remainder of the night they made eyes at each other, neither of them having the guts to go up to one another. Every time their eyes met Alyssa had butterflies, and later she found out that Jacob was experiencing those same feelings!

     Jacob, after asking Paige for advice, grew the courage to message Alyssa on Facebook which eventually led to the question, "Can I have your number?" They both left for college that next day but it didn't matter, it was the start of Jacob and Alyssa. Their first official date was the next time Alyssa visited home, August 24th. From there it was history. Alyssa remembers telling one of her best friends Whitney, "Can you imagine that my first kiss with Jacob might be my last first kiss?" and she was right! On September 27th while staring at the stars Jacob asked her to be his girlfriend and that was the most excited she had been until he asked her to be his forever on February 25, 2017. They cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together, and they are so excited and happy to be surrounded by all of our friends and family members during this exciting time!

Wedding to be held September 2018.

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