Dodd – Sexauer Registry

Oh such a touching story here! Love Love Love it!!

Auggie and Madison met back in 2009 on the 4th of July back when they were in high school. Although Madison spent the majority of the next month traveling, his persistence caught her attention, so when she finally returned they went on their first date to the St. Louis Zoo. Seven years, three states, and two apartments later Auggie finally realized it was time to propose, and what a proposal it was! 

On May 20th, 2017 they had planned a Mother's Day winery trip celebration with both of their families, so Madison spent the morning getting her nails done with her Mom, while he went ahead and left with his. When they finally arrived, Madison's mom and her headed towards the nearest entrance. Just as they were about to walk in, two of her closest friends from out of town, Amy and Maris, ran up to her and pulled her into a hug. Needless to say she was shocked! Madison immediately burst into realization tears, only to turn to see another best friend, Clare, Auggie's brother Zeke, and the rest of their families. Which only cued tears of pure hysteria. 

By this time, she could hear their song "Then" playing and Auggie appeared. He led her through a gathering of their family and friends out to the vineyard for some privacy. When he got down on one knee she was so deliriously happy (and still crying) that she couldn't even speak. He asked a couple more times before she could finally say, "YES!" They then spent the rest of the perfect day celebrating. All of which has led them here - preparing to celebrate their love once more! 

Wedding to be held May 2018.

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