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Bailey has given us the story to enjoy! 

The night we met we were both just casually out with our respective friends. Madison and I had not yet been out to any of the local bars since we had both recently turned twenty-one so we were ready to see what a night on the town was like in good ol' Waterloo. After getting settled at our table, a mutual friend of Kendall and Madison’s joined our tables together and introduced us all. Kendall instantly had my attention, but I tried to play it cool. When he told me his name, I asked what his friends called him, and he told me I was so beautiful I could call him anything I wanted. So being a funny girl, I started calling him Kenya, and to this day, that is what his name is in my phone. 

After four years of blissful dating we bought our first home together in May 2017. 

Then fast forward 7 months later to the day that we got engaged. We were heading to the Anheuser Busch Brewery Lights as a family. We got there and just started enjoying the lights and beverages, when Kendall grabbed my hand and we started walking ahead of everyone. He was telling me sweet things, but this was nothing out of the usual for him so I was just enjoying the moment. He insisted that we go down to the area with the large clock out front for a photo. When we got there he leaned over and asked, “Remember the night we met and I told you that you could call me anything you wanted?” This was when I finally realized that something bigger was happening! I nodded yes and as I looked over at him, he was getting down on one knee, opening a little black box and said, “I would love it if you would call me your husband. Will you marry me?”

I burst into tears of joy and excitement. I was not expecting him to propose in that moment, but I was so delighted that he did. 

After that I could not tell you one detail about the rest of the light display because I was so ecstatic about our engagement and that both of our families were there to witness it, including Clare, Kate, and Alex who came (out of what seemed like thin air) to surprise me as soon as I had turned around after Kendall popped the question.

And now here we are, planning our BEST DAY! We are so excited for our family and friends to be able to join us on our special day as we begin our lives together and I can change Kenya to Husband in my phone ;)

Wedding to be held April 2019.

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Amann - Foster Registry

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